Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

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It’s time to discuss the terrifying tales of my next anime review. Yes, I know discussing a horror anime like this one, is meant more for a Halloween activity, but whatever we’re doing it now.

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  1. Yamishibai was hard to get into, it’s not drawn and played out like a regular anime, instead, they almost draw a scene and then move the characters around with invisible sticks (hopefully you understand what I’m trying to say, if you have seen an episode you would know what I’m talking about). Because of that, it makes the stories almost more unsettling, but as I mentioned it can be very hard to watch.
  2. It’s definitely horror, and at times really spooky. So if you like that genre you should really check this one out. If you don’t have the mental capacity for that type of story, you should still watch it. It will make you STRONGER.
  3. It can be watched on Crunchyroll and every episode is only six minutes in Length.
  4. It’s based on Japanese Urban Legends, which can be really spooky sometimes. I mean Japan has come out with some terrifying movies and animes over the years. I expected their urban legends to unnerve me. However, there is some culture difference, and because of that, some of the episodes don’t make as much sense, since you don’t have the background a Japanese person would have. Those episodes are not as scary, obviously.
  5. For the weird animation it has, they do give us just enough gory to satisfy. This isn’t Corpse Party, but it’s no slice of life comedy either. There’s a little bit of some jump scares, usually people with creepy faces. But I could usually tell when one was coming.
  6. At this moment there are 52 episodes that you can take a look at. I’d say with those numbers, you can simply pick and choose which urban legend you’d like to see.

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For a lover of horror like myself I will admit Yamishibai was hard to get into. The drawing style is so different from an anime. But I did finally come back and finished the entire four series and it was amazing. Don’t think of it as an anime, but as an experience. With that mindset, you’ll fall in love fast. Yamishibai probably isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, which is why I’m giving it…

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6 out of 10 Anime JumpScares. 

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The Five Step Process on How to Watch an Anime

The Five Step Process on How to Watch an Anime

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Step One: Pick an anime to view. Although sitting in front of a blank computer screen is everyone’s favorite past time, let us get something on to watch. For this particular step, you have several choices on how to pick an anime. You could research on youtube and watch gurus who may or may not help you, and who definitely will not answer you back if you comment. You could ask your friends if they know any good animes… but are they really experts? You could go in blind and just pick a random one while potentially opening up hell’s gates to a yaoi horror anime. The last choice (arguably the best, you’re here already aren’t you?) is going to an online blog, with a witty writer, who does her research…. I would go with the blog choice. I’ve heard AnimeScars is pretty good, I would try that one.

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Step Two: Watch the anime. You know how there is always a calm before a storm. This is it. Enjoy it while it last.

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Step Three: Enjoy the Anime and fall in love with the characters. The climax of your anime viewing moments. This is before things can get a little out of hand before you fall a little too deeply in love with the anime and all its amazing characters who deserve so much more (I’m talking about you, Kaneki KenRelated image



Step Four: Fall Deep into Fandom Hell. I’m talking following 100+ people on Tumblr because you want to get ever all the updates on potential scenarios and headcanons of your otp and characters you have a crush on. This is where you go on a spending spree and buy up all the merch you can find. Official, handmade, some random website that you found at 1 AM on the dark web.

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Step Five: Cry and Drop out of School because you realize there will never be a season two. And then spend that money that you saved by not going to college and by a life-size plushy of your favorite character(s). Marry them and have them live the lives you know they deserve. You are now apart of this. You are now family.

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And congratulations! You just watched an anime!

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February: Masamune-kun’s Revenge

February: Masamune-kun’s Revenge


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Grell is the number one Fangirl. 


Hey Anime Fans and welcome to my new section of Animes to WATCH out for. This is where I tell you guys what brand new animes (that are still airing) you might give a go at watching. For February I am going to recommend a comedic and romantic anime Masamune-kun’s Revenge. I thought it would be a good idea since Valentines Day is coming up and this month all about luuuvvv. 



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This woman can literally eat. 


Makabe Masamune has returned stronger and more handsome than ever to get revenge on a beautiful girl that turned him down eight years ago. She is known to the school as the “brutal princess” and publically rejects all of the boys who ask her out. Will Masamune get the girl and break her heart? Or will the Brutal Princess take down one more lover boy?


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She’s so angry and hungry all the time. #Im Hungry to thou


You can watch Masamune-kun’s Revenge on Crunchyroll. It comes out with a new episode every Thursday. I hope the anime turns out great, and you guys enjoy it. I mean I know its no yuri on ice, but maybe it could become a “Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun” (which I highly recommend).

Also, heads up, this is a wee bit ecchi (panties and boobs) so if you don’t like that type of style, don’t worry it doesn’t happen a lot. And if you do like that type of thing… congrats more panty shots for you. Whoopy. If you guys have any other animes you would like to see in a top ten list or to be reviewed, please give me a comment. And if you enjoyed this review or just like to click on things go ahead and give this bad boy a LIKE. Have a great February! 

Miss Bibs


Top Ten Anime Trap Characters

Top Ten Anime Trap Characters

They’re cute. They’re sweet. And there… interesting? When you just can’t tell what gender they might be, you know you’ve been trapped! It’s time to discuss TRAP CHARACTERS! Trap characters are young male or females whose gender is often questioned. By you the viewer and/or the other characters in the anime. So if you’ve seen an anime where you’re a little confused if it’s a miss or mister, your character might be on here. These sweet little weirdos are usually the comedic relief of the anime, with their question of gender being a light-hearted topic that the audience can laugh about. But of course, that’s not always the case. Today I’m gonna list the top ten, why they’re on the list, and why you should check them and their show out. Let’s do this. 

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She’s actually dressed up as Sebastian from Black Butler… #respect.

10. Nishina Shima: (Kiss Him not Me) First off, if you are even slightly a Fujoshi (a female person who like to watch boy x boy action *cough* yuri x victor *cough*) or would appreciate a very comedic reverse harem anime. You’ve got to check this out. Reverse Harems (this is when it is one girl and multiple guys trying to get her to date them) stereotypically have a main character who is eye rolling-ly sweet. Like so sweet it’s annoying and Kae does have her annoying “I’m the sweetest and most holy girl alive” like main characters in animes like this often have to be. But she is so much more, her real core center is hardcore Fujoshi and Otaku and it is beautiful. Nishina Shima is a young female that fell in love with Kae and is also trying to vie for her attention. She has short hair, small boobs, and a soft but undeniable voice. When she was first introduced she looked like an attractive male and made the audience believe so.

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When he’s a cuter girl than you’ll ever be.

9. Ciel Fantomhive that one time: (Black Butler) I could have said Alois Trancy because he dressed up like a woman too, and licked Ciel? Yeah, he totally licked Ciel one time. Anyways, anyone who has watched and enjoyed black butler can remember that special little dressing scene, where Sebastian has to help Ciel into his clothes. (Ciel was trying to impersonate a woman to take down a serial killer it’s whatever.) Okay, actually as I’m writing this out… I’m a dumb. Okay, there’s also Doll who is a girl, but when she’s not dressed up she looks like a boy. She’s in Season Three… yeah, she’s probably a better trap character. Oh well. I wanted to bring in some pictures from that dressing scene. I’ll just leave it like that.


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He has got one bootylishes butt.

8. Nagisa Shiota: (Assassination Classroom) He has longish blue hair that he ties up into two ponytails. He’s a great fighter, that’s sly like a snake. But if you’re not careful you might catch yourself thinking he’s a she. He even had to dress up in a girls outfit for a mission and a boy asked him out. (Once again an anime trap boy gets more numbers than I do. #Forever Single)



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Crazy but Adorable!

7. Suzuya Juuzou: (Tokyo Ghoul) Not that I personally recommend this anime. (I’m biased because it made me cry, and get to know God better… Guys its a rough anime, sometimes you just need to turn to Jesus to help you up after you just watched a sweet innocent little 20 year old get kidnapped and tortured after he had already had a crappy life before. And this torture wasn’t “playtime” “fun time”, it was the real deal horrible stuff. And I saw a video that said the anime didn’t even go over all of what horrible things happened in the Manga.) Anyways…. The only reason I watched this anime was because of this character. Juuzou is crazy with a slice of cheese, and adorable af. He also has a soft feminine voice, shoulder length hair, and an interesting dressing style. When first introduced he can be mistaken as a girl.

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I live my life as the “that” picture


6. Haruhi Fujioka: A young male student wanders into an abandoned music room to find a place to study at his insanely rich school, and stumbles upon the Ouran Highschool Host Club. He breaks an expensive vase and to repay his debts becomes the Host Club’s dog, and later on becomes a host himself. The only problem, he is a she.

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5. Chihiro Fujisaki: (Dangan Ronpa) It has been awhile, so don’t shoot me if I get this wrong. Chihiro’s gender was only found out to the reader after he had died. He had dressed like a girl the whole time before accepting his feminity, but finally decided he wanted to be who he truly was. But before he could unmask himself to the world he was killed off. This anime is fast paced and has a really weird ending. The short summary is a group of students is trapped at a school and the only way to get out is to kill one of their classmates and not get caught.

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When someone calls you a girl but you’re not even sure what you are yourself. 

4. Crona: (soul eater) The gender of this character has been switched throughout the anime and manga. Sometimes Crona is a young boy, sometimes Crona is a girl. It’s confusing, but aren’t all trap characters? Soul Eater is about young children becoming grim reapers and their powerful friends who can transform into their scythes.



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When you see your wifu 

3. Hange Zoe: (Attack on Titan) Do I need to go into great detail about this anime? Okay, Little Review for the Newbies out there: Titans. That’s it. Want more? Fine: Captain Levi. Still Don’t Understand? You will, one day, you will. Hange Zoe’s gender is actually up in the air. I personally think she’s a she. But the author has informed us that she could also be a he. It’s up to the view to decide. What do you think?

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2. Gin Akutagawa: (Bungou Stray Dogs) So Gin is one of the leaders in the Black Lizard Team in the Port Mafia, The Armed Detective Agencies strongest Enemy (Well until season 2 when the Guild comes along, and another villain might even be strong in season 3 if that ever comes out *tears*). Anyways Gin is a certified cut throat ninja, and is at first related by her comrades as a “he”. It isn’t until later on that she is revealed as a woman with a soft voice. Honestly, she is so beautiful and B.A. you’d just love her.




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Let’s Just not Question the Hideyoshi Gender

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1. Hideyoshi Kinoshita: (Baka to Test) Hideyoshi is and will forever be the Number One Trap. The anime is stupid (in a good way) and you’ll get a kick out of it. But nothing is as funny as the comments and confusion of Hideyoshi Kinoshita’s gender. He’s certain that he’s a man. But his classmates’ aren’t too sure, and neither is the rest of the world. He has his own bathroom. It’s a running gag throughout the entire anime.






Did I get your favorite trap character? Did I name any you haven’t heard? Perhaps I got one in the anime you like, but not the one you expected me to pick. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think! You are at any time welcome to comment and leave a suggestion on what my next anime review or top ten list can be!


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Because I feel bad for not Including Doll from Black Butler


Anime Review: One Punch Man

Anime Review: One Punch Man

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Look at Genos backing up his Sempai! #OTP #JustkiddingVictuuriforlife

You know what time it is. It’s Anime Review time! Before I start, I just want to apologize for taking so long to post again. I’m really hoping to get this blog up and running and am always super appreciative to everyone who takes a look, likes, and comments. You’re the true heroes. Without further ado, let’s get into this boss of an anime and discuss it.

Episodes- 12 plus 7 OVA’s (Also be ready for a season two coming out this year *Internal Screaming*)

Can Be Viewed on- Gogoanime and other online sources. Also Adult Swim on TV.

Translated- Sub and Dub (the dub is still airing at the moment)

Ratings- Pg13

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This Photo is My Spirit Animal

Genre- Action, Adventure, Comedy

Summary- Saitama is just a hero for fun. His special power is his unstoppable punch. His main problem at the moment is that he cannot find a villain that can actually give him a good fight. His hard and rigorous training regime made him loose all his hair, which he obviously misses.

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You vs The Guy She Tells You Not To Worry About

Things to Know

  1. The art/animation of this anime is impeccable. If anyone has done any research on One Punch man themselves they would know that it looks nothing like ONE’s original work. ONE’s a boss at making a great story, he’s not the best at art though.
  2.  Saitama is the most overpowered character I have ever watched. I personally think that overpowered characters can make the anime stupid (to put it plainly)… and Saitama’s abilities might make you feel that way. But he is an incredible character that has the best personality. I have always fallen in love with the side characters in animes, the ones who aren’t as outgoing or talkative the ones that sometimes are so much cooler than the main character. One Punch Man is practically about a side character (they could have just made Genos the main guy and it would have been like any other adventure quest anime), but instead, they chose a character who doesn’t care too much about fame and is just in it for the fun.
  3. Do not get me started on the rest of the character list. The people who don’t die within the first 5 mins of meeting One Punch Man have lots of different and likable personalities. Of course, there are characters who are made for the audience to hate and trust me you will. The ones who will become One Punch Man’s friends and acquaintances are just too lovable. (Mumen Rider is no doubt my absolute favorite.)
  4. Although Saitama is the most powerful creature in all the world and most likely galaxy… he never really shows it. This is why you will love him so freaking much. But because he never really shows it, people ignore his great power and he gets treated like a con most of the time. People overlook his strength and think he is just stealing other heroes credit. So here we sit in the comfort of our couches or beds watching this stupid little anime feeling like you need to defend the most powerful man ever. It’s a little ironic.
  5. Though they are short, the fights are incredible and very fun to watch.
  6. The comedy is definitely there. Just watching Saitama and his very quick fights with anyone and how upset he gets after he wins so fast. Or how Genos is trying to learn from Saitama so hard, but One Punch Man has literally nothing to give him.
  7. The Caped Baldy.
  8. There will be stupid heart-wrenching scenes that just sneak up on you. Especially with the other heroes, that by darn it, they just try their hardest. Mumen Rider changed me as a person.
  9. Season 2 Is Coming Soon.
Related image
Punching His Way into our Hearts since 2015

Overall: 9 out of 10 Anime Punches. I know you might be thinking, but dear article writer! Why only 9 I thought you loved this show? I absolutely do! But seasons two is coming and not as quick as I want it. They can always screw up and anime in the next season. I hope they don’t! Whatever happens to Saitama, Genos, and my sweet little Mumen Rider will not change the fact that One Punch Man is becoming Mainstream. So you guys better hop on this mad punching train before it’s cool.

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This Would Solve a lot of Problems thou
Top 10 Anime Glasses Characters

Top 10 Anime Glasses Characters

Let’s all be honest here, Glasses Characters can MAKE an anime. They give us so many choices with the shy quiet type, the cold beauties, the adorable nerds, characters who were glasses and are just a boss and last but not least the ones who are just plain crazy. Honestly, I’m in love with them all. So in honor of these characters and their diligence to entertain us, for this top ten list, we are going to discuss the top ten anime Glasses Characters.

(Also so sorry for the late update, my life is packed with Junior year of College and Sports. It’s been a hectic few months.)


Image result for takamatsu angel beats being taken by the shadows

10. Takamatsu– (Angel Beats) Starting off we have a character made for comic relief; which  is very important for a depressing anime like Angel Beats which is all about dead teenagers who lived such horrible lives that they were sent to this particular afterlife. Don’t let his glasses and honors student act fool you, this guy is an idiot. And surprisingly very very muscular. I’m talking Very.

Image result for touko fukawa

9. Toko Fukawa– (Dangan Rompa) Okay, I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who has not seen Dangan Rompa. A little bit about the anime, its a bunch of kids stuck in a horror school that the only way they can “graduate” is by killing one of their classmates and getting away with it. This particular Character goes through some serious character development (a big twist happens in one of the episodes thanks to her) and with this becomes one of my favorite characters in the show. (Why else would she be on this list?) For the most part, she is shy and reserved, a true soft-hearted creature. 😉

Image result for Dr. Franken Stein soul eater

8. Dr. Stein– (Soul Eater) My personal favorite in any anime is the insane ones (definitely going to make a top ten list about that). Dr. Fraken Stein wears both glasses and deals with his own dark insane nature. If you haven’t seen Soul Eater, he is a teacher/mentor to the main characters and their friends. He is a great fighter and a wonderful sensei! With his signature lab coat and random stitches over all of his clothes and body, he is definitely a character to remember.



Image result for Nishiki Nishio

7. Nishiki Nishio– (Tokyo Ghoul) It took me a while to watch Tokyo Ghoul, it’s a rough psychological anime, that although is pretty mainstream it’s still pretty dark. (Not as bad as the manga though, at least that’s what I hear). Nishio may not be the most favorited character at first since he attacks the main guy and harms his friend, but after you get a bit of his backstory and get to meet his girlfriend… gosh your little heart will weep. Some characters need others to show the audience their true colors, thanks to his lover, we get to see his, and boy is it wonderful.



Image result for Shiraishi

6. Shiraishi– (Tanaka Kun is Listless) Personally when the anime first introduced this character I was pretty bored of her, she seemed so perfect and put together… it was disgusting. BUT, she gets so much better, and honestly she is so relatable. Tanaka Kun is definitely one of my top three favorite 2016 summer animes, so if you haven’t watched it, and are into adorable animes, please take a look! It’s a slice of life, school anime, something to watch if you just want to lay back and watch something witty.

Image result for Hange zoe

5. Hange Zoe– (Attack on Titan) Let’s be honest, if you are reading this list there is a 90% chance you’ve probably watched anime, and if you’ve watched anime you probably already know what goes on in Attack on Titan. (Titans go on in Attack on Titan). This character appears later on in the first season. She’s smart with a dash of crazy and only wants to make a titan friend. Her humor and carefreeness are really needed in an anime that is only about death and being constantly defeated. Bless her.

Image result for Grell sutcliff

4. Grell Sutcliff– (Black Butler) Anyone who has seen black butler (it’s about a kid who makes a deal with a demon in order to get revenge on the people who killed his parents), cannot unsee Grell Sutcliff. This character is all of us as fangirls. Dancing around Sebastian, taking pictures of Sebastian, dreaming of kissing Sebastian; honestly, Grell gets us.


Image result for tsukishima kei

3. Tsukishima Kei– (Haikyuu!) Tuskki is one word, salty. As the middle blocker in this sports anime, he is 90% sass and the other 10% plain attitude. But seriously, as a volleyball player myself, I related to Tuskkishima. He has a great backstory and great character development. He is the tallest character on the Karasuno High School Volleyball team and is constantly followed by his best friend Yamaguchi.


Image result for kyoya ootori2. Kyoya Ootori– (Ouran Highschool Host Club) The shadow King of Ouran High School Host Club left a little warmth in all our hearts. No matter how cold this calculative and attractive boy was we all saw the truth of who he really is on the inside. He just wanted his father to be proud of him and by golly, he just wanted the respect he deserved. He’s attractive, cold, and intelligent he was the ultimate Glasses Character.


1. Sakamoto– (Haven’t you heard, I’m Sakamoto Kun) Coming in at number one, Sakamoto IS the ultimate glasses character. He looks just like the cold and calculative Kyoya with a twist, he is actually superman, or an alien, or the yellow octopus teacher on “Assassinations Classroom”. For anyone who hasn’t seen the anime Sakamoto is a freaking boss. After watching this anime all about this crazy boy’s school life, you question if he really was even human. Let’s be serious, there is no human as perfect and “classy” as this guy. You honestly just have to watch the anime to know how cool this person is. There is only one downfall to this character; to keep the mystery and inhuman tendencies of this kid, you learn very little about him. How I wish I knew more of my beloved Sakamoto-kun!!

Image result for Sakamoto

Did I get down your favorite Glasses Character? Did I name any you haven’t heard? Perhaps I got one in the anime you like, but not the one you expected me to pick. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think! You are at any time welcome to comment and leave a suggestion on what my next anime review or top ten list can be! As we get closer to October you can expect some really spooky anime reviews and lists to pop up!


Anime Review: Mob Psycho 100

Anime Review: Mob Psycho 100


Mob and his Abilities

Hello Wonderful anime lovers sorry for my lateness on this post. I just started pre-season for college volleyball and let me tell you it is a very busy time. But here I am now, ready to cut open my chest and pour out my beating heart to you guys for the sake of a good review. As always; Like if you like it, Comment if you feel I did something really awesome and deserve a worded ‘pat on the back’ or if you thought I was wrong on my reviewing, and give me a follow if you are a fool for anime as myself and would like to keep in touch with my (hopefully updated on time) reviewing. LET US BEGIN!

Episodes– 6+

Mob looking at Tsubomi #ThisLittleBirb

Can Be Viewed on– Crunchy Roll and other online Sites


Translated- Sub

Rating- Pg-13

Summary- Kageyama Shigeo or “Mob” is a middle schooler who has always had psychic powers. All he wants to do is be a normal 8th grader who has a girlfriend (Tsubomi) but is constantly thrown into situations were all he can do is use them to help others. Perhaps with the help of his fake psychic mentor and his new friends he can find what his real purpose of life is!

Genre- Supernatural, Comedy, Slice of Life, Action


Mob Jogging #ME

Things to Know:

  1. Let’s just be clear from the get go. I am coming from an angle that is slightly biased coming off from watching One Punch Man. ONE the artist/writer of both animes is a legend and makes some of the best main characters and plot lines (According to Me). Mob is a kid who has powers that could potentially destroy this world. The first few minutes of the beginning episode shows us in fact that this kid (if he even really is one) is truly unstoppable.
  2. But its not the overwhelming power that makes you love this character… its his awkwardness. He blushes at the sight of his crush, Tsubomi. He joins a workout club to impress the other students and hopefully get a girlfriend, and he is a weak a a baby deer strait from the womb. But he tries so hard against all his nieveness and personal flaws. He doesn’t want to be that weird kid, he just wants to be a regular 8th grader. Even though, if he wanted to, I’m sure he could make his classmates bow down to him… willingly or not.
  3. The art style is not for everyone though, unlike One Punch Man the anime artist hit a little closer to home on ONE’s character drawing. ONE is a boss in making characters and plots, but he draws like a 6th grade girl who forgot about her art project and drew something in a hurry 10 minutes before class just to turn something in.
  4. The humor isn’t something you’d find in a stand up comedy of a famous comedian. It is weaved beautifully throughout the anime, and I would best describe it as almost a dry humor, or a sarcastic one. A character does something funny or Mob comments with a bluntness that can only be said by someone who is thick in the head and the view gets to vast in the idiocy and comedy of it.
  5. It is littered with good plot points that leave you thinking. (Spoiler Alert) Mob has the powers of a god, yet he isn’t satisfied and wants to be more like his popular younger brother. His brother though has only wished for his own psychic abilities since he was a little boy. Mob is a pacifist not because he is a wimp, but because he knows he can hurt people and he really is scared of himself. Which he should be, in the anime it has shown us twice that Mob can really do some damage is he is knocked out in a fight. He brother a witness to it, commented something like “what did all that destruction was not my brother, but something entirely else.” The list on this can go on an on.
  6. Since this is only on its six episode we are all still unsure about how they will end it and tie up all their loose ends. I will say that like always, the voice acting is incredible, and ONE continues to live up to his name.

    Mob and his Mentor Dressed as two hot babes #WokeUpLikeThis


Overall-  *6 out of 10 Anime Bent Spoons* Now hold up before you go balistic I’m only giving it a six because, frankly, there are only six episodes. We need to wait this bad boy out before I can really give it an excellent score so we know it deserves it. I would recommend this anime to anyone who is a fan of One Punch Man or action/comedy in general.  

Mobs Hidden Insanity? #Lit